Zello Reaction Channel

Terms And Conditions Of Registration

These terms pertain to the registration process of concerned citizens
You are required to do a verification to become a member of the Concerned Citizens family. By submitting your information, you agree to be vetted, first by means of your ID Number, and on request by submitting fingerprints for verification by SAPS.
Our Zello channels have been created to provide a platform for the community, police, emergency services, fire brigade, metro police, neighbourhood watches, community police forums, security companies and any other bona-fide crime fighting organisations to communicate with one another in a controlled environment and to share information, in order to combat crime and ensure the safety of the community.
The Zello application is effectively a radio and should be used in terms of the general rules of two-way radios.  
A few do’s and don’ts.
1. Do NOT use offensive usernames on Zello. Use your name and surname (pietersmit) and if already taken, use numbers too (pietersmit123).
2. If you have a call sign, after registration update your profile and put your call sign first between brackets in the “name field”. E.g (WB1) Joe Soap.
3. Upload a profile pic. It is compulsary. We are fighting crime and we would like to see who we working with. Also, in the event that you get hijacked
or reported missing, it may be the only picture we have to circulate.
4. If you want to report crime, call in on the channel. Be brief, to the point and start with your physical address. If you want to deal with administrative issues, ask to speak to a moderator or if you want to share sensitive information and you want to keep your identify secret, also ask to speak to a moderator.
5. Please do not “test” your Zello on the open channel. Look under your contacts on Zello. You will find a contact named “Echo”. You can test your Zello by calling this contact. It will replay what you said, and by doing so you can adjust audio levels.
6. Be mindful of wind noise and pocket dials.
7. Ensure no music is playing in the background when you use your Zello radio.
8. It is strictly prohibited to send or accept contact requests from people you don’t know. A complaint in this regard will result in your immediate removal from the channel. It is important that everyone must feel safe on the channel and to not be subjected to friend requests (contact requests) of people they don’t know.
9. Do not share information obtained on this channel on other channels, unless those are all verified members by this process. Let’s make sure we don’t feed the criminals with information. When in doubt, ask the moderator on duty.
10. If you do not submit your proper and correct address, we may not be able to reach you in the event of an emergency.  Please at ALL times act with full observance of the Constitution of South Africa, the law and dignity of other people.
We will NOT tolerate any vigilantism, breaking of the law, assaulting of community members (unless justified when an arrest is made) or behaviour inconsistent with that of law-abiding citizens.  Remember the Zello application is using data and the more channels you are on, the more data will be consumed.
Only be on the channels you are required.
Clear your voice logs regularly in order to avoid your phone becoming unresponsive.
Please do NOT share any voice logs via the Zello Website. Once you share a voice log, it is released in the public domain and can be accessed by anyone. The channel is moderated. If a moderator cannot hear you, there will be stand-by mods to take your call. As it all voice logged, the information will be picked up by the mod on duty.  
You agree that the intellectual property of all voice logs, recordings and photos belong to CC and may be used in the sole discretion of its moderators and management to further the lawful objectives of CC. 
Be safe, be vigilant and stay alive. 
1. Please read the Protection of Personal Information Act.
2. This form collects personal information. The information will be used to verify that you are a real person, and it may also be used to verify that you are not wanted for any criminal offences.
3. No personal information, including information about your criminal status will ever be published or passed on to any third party, unless so required by law.
4. Your personal information will not be used for any commercial or marketing purposes, and will only be used to further the activities and objectives of the Concerned Citizens initiative.
5. Your information will be kept safe and we will at all times take reasonable care to ensure same.