Zello Reaction Channel


You have come here because you want to join the reaction group. You cannot become a member of the reaction group if you are not a member on one of the other channels and if you have not completed the verification form for ordinary members.

If you do not respond to any calls on the reaction channel, you will be removed from the channel.

The purpose of the reaction channel is to create a channel of people that are prepared to respond to calls from members of the community. A group of trusted people that we can rely on to respond, in a civil and organised manner at all times abiding by the law and constitution of our country respecting life, property and rights of other people.

Alternatively, you agree to perform call center duties in support of the CC community.

Training will be provided.

I have read the above and agree

ID Number



Zello Name

Street Name

House Number



Mobile Number

Do you have a criminal record

If yes, what?

What training/skills do you have?
PoliceTask ForceSWATMilitarySecurityMetro PoliceCPF TrainingPRivate InvestigatorForensic InvestigatorTrauma CouncillingParamedicMedicalSearch & RescueTrained Community PatrollerUntrained Community PatrollerJust want to help reduce crime

List your most crucial skills here:

Are you currently a member of any of the following?
SAPSMetro PoliceEmergency ServicesFire BrigadeSANDFNational IntelligenceSecurity CompanyCommunity Police ForumMilitary PoliceReservist

What skills are you prepared to transfer to other members of this group?

I agree to have my fingerprints taken and my ID number be checked for criminal offences.

I confirm I will abide by the law at all times and will not endanger other people's lives when I respond to incidents.

I confirm I will not use any flashing lights or sirens when responding to incidents unless I am authorised to do so by law.

I confirm I will at all times respect other peoples rights and I will remain polite and professional when dealing with other community members.

I confirm I will not use my position for personal commercial benefit and I will in no way use any information obtained for personal or other benefit.

I confirm that I understand that I am not allowed to make any media statements or comments in respect of anything I came across as a member of CC or to inform the media of any events that happened.

I understand that I may in no shape or form impersonate a police officer or create the impression that I am a police official.

I understand that I am not allowed to practice any racism, sexism, politics, religion or any contentious issue prohibited by law.

I confirm I am not involved in crime or criminal activities including the use, possession, pushing, dealing or hiding or transporting of drugs, as defined.

I understand that I am personally liable, both criminally and in terms of civil law if I unlawfully arrest or detain or pull over a person.

I understand that I am not allowed to exceed the speed limit, skip red traffic lights, stop streets and in general transgress traffic laws when responding to incidents.

I understand and agree I will not share any voice logs of any channel administered by Concerned Citizens and understand it will result in my removal from the channel.