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Business Burglary Statics show that in the last financial year (2012/2013) that there has been an increase of 1.7% in business related burglaries. However, a reduction of 0.6% in aggravated robbery at a business has been observed.

Here are some measures to assist in preventing business robberies:

Cash Management
  • Cash on hand should be kept to a minimum
  • Set maximum amount of cash that should be available in the tills
  • During busy periods, the cash tills need to be checked regularly.
  • Remove excess cash and secure in a drop safe
  • Do your banking regularly and do not allow large amounts of cash to be kept on the premises.
  • Do banking on a daily basis
  • Vary the times of banking
  • Do not display that you are on your way to the bank.
Private Security Services
  • Security guards should be rotated
  • Insist that guards are vetted on a regular basis
  • Only use the services of a reputable guarding company.
  • Ensure that the security company is registered with PSIRA
Controlled Entrances
  • Controlled entrances ensure that the premises are not overcrowded
  • Restrict movement at the entrance and exit. Install the best security you can afford
  • If you have a firearm make sure, it is secured and that you have a safe on the premises
  • Stay out of reach of any security gate to prevent someone grabbing you through the closed gate
Be Alert
  • If you feel unsafe, request to be accompanied by Security staff or college.
  • Work in pairs to prevent being overpowered or surprised.
Keep a visible list of all emergency numbers
  • Have an emergency number on speed dial
  • Confirm local emergency numbers at least once a month at they might change
  • Invest in a panic button
Persons entering the premise
  • Train staff to ask for identification and to call for verification before allowing entrance to the premises.
  • Always check the identity of visitors
  • Verify and keep staff aware of all maintenance being done
Proper identification of staff and temporary staff
  • Verify all staff information
  • Ensure that a copy of the original ID document is obtained from all employees.
  • Obtain and verify contact details of close friends or relatives of all employees.