Zello Reaction Channel

Welcome To Project Z

An initiative of the Community Police Forum, Wierdabrug S3 to make our community safer and to assist SAPS to prevent and combat crime. This project was launched in the Wierdabrug Police Precinct and soon after it kicked off it had numerous successes. Reported crimes declined by more than 50% in areas where community members actively participated by reporting suspicious activities, persons and vehicles on Zello. For the first time the entire community had the opportunity to be involved, by reporting crime as it happened, without the need to buy a two-way radio and formally join a CPF. We created a very wide information and communication network under one umbrella and by doing so we have united the community against crime and criminals.

What We Do

The biggest challenge for CPF’s are to pass on information to a neighbour. We managed to overcome those challenges by implementing an infrastructure that enables citizens to communicate suspicious activity, call on the community for help when in danger. As a result we drive crime down by 50%.

The concept has now been rolled out to the entire country where a Concerned Citizens group has been created for every town.

How we make a difference

We work from the basis that safety lies in numbers – a well established principle in all CPF’s and we request that members respond in numbers when there is any situation. By doing so it will instantly become clear to criminals that we are organised against crime and we are out there in numbers looking out for them. The more we are, the riskier it will be for criminals to commit crime in our areas.

When we ask members to lookout, we merely asking to look around in your immediate vicinity to see if there is a vehicle or person that suits the description given and if you spot same, to call in and report your exact location.

Get Involved

Please recruit your neighbours as soon as possible. Upheld the constitution at all times, and respect human rights at all times. You have citizen’s arrests rights, which is limited in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act.

Visit our FB page to ask about those rights. Please don’t put your street name in your profile. Only put your suburb in.
Mobilising the community against crime is in line with the Police Act and is encouraged by the police and other legislation; on condition we do so within the confines of the law. United we stand!

Get Involved