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New nyaope method ‘very disturbing’

By Alpha1 5 years ago
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There is a new, “very disturbing” way for nyaope addicts to get a high.
According to reports, the new method used around Soshanguve is known as Bluetooth.
One persons shoots up, then the others who cannot afford to buy drugs for themselves draw the shooter’s blood and inject it into their veins.
SANCA Soshanguve manager Hendrik Lefoka said this week he was still very disturbed by the photos circulating on social media that shows a group of nyaope addicts sharing blood.

“We have spoken to all our patients about this method and so far none of them know about it,” said Lefoka.
Full story here http://rekordcenturion.co.za/108825/new-nyaope-method-very-disturbing/

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