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Durban – Durbanites have had enough of crime and are fighting back, not afraid to take action to defend themselves and their families.

On Friday morning, robbers fired shots at a Reservoir Hills businessman after they had loaded their loot into his vehicle, then drove away.

He returned fire as they tried to make their getaway, wounding one.

This was the second such incident in Durban.

Last Friday, former policewoman and self-defence expert Renette Edwards, 52, of Morningside, used a samurai sword to chop at a burglar who had broken into her flat and stolen her cellphone and laptop.

Fortunately for him, she had used the blunt side.

In other incidents around the country this month, would-be burglars had their plans thwarted when they made the home of crime intelligence officers their target.

Three men went to the Joburg home of Captain Thandi Mejelo, who shot a burglar in his genitals and legs when he opened her front door. The other two suspects tried to make a getaway, but Mejelo fired at the car as well.

Also in Joburg, a woman shot dead two robbers who broke into her home last month.

Source: ‘I won’t be a crime stat’ – Independent on Saturday | News

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