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19 August 2015 – Heuweloord, Eldoraigne, Wierdapark and The Reeds were hit hard yesterday with no less than 8 burglaries reported for the day.

These housebreaking are well timed and burglars spent minimum time on scene. The main method of entrance is still the lifting of electrical gates of its rails and breaking open of doors by brute force.

Burglars are not scared off by electrical fences, dogs and alarm systems. They however seems to be less active in areas where residents are vigilant and actively involved in community patrolling.

Vehicles currently involved in housebreaking are:

  • White Toyota Double Cab bakkie with Reg WWX223GP,
  • Black Yaris with partial Reg..377 GP,
  • Charcoal BMW 5 series,
  • Light Green BMW 5 series,
  • Silver BMW,
  • White (also reported as a Silver) Merc Reg BS99JGGP

Should you spot any of these vehicles, please call it in on Zello on our Centurion Concerned Citizens channels. Reporting crime live on Zello is the most effective way to combat crime and scare off criminals. The faster we get the information, the more likely criminals will be apprehended.

If you are not on Zello, you may also use the SOS Number 0762016204 to report crime via Whatsapp. (This only works on Whatsapp – no SMS please).

MONITORNET and COPWATCH is offering a reward of R 5000,00 for information that will lead to the arrest and sucessful prosecution of any of the abovementioned suspects.

Community members are urged to please report all crime and in particular to allow for fingerprints and other forensic evidence to be collected on scene. Crime scenes must be preserved at all times and no objects handled or touched by suspects should be touched or moved until the Police have completed their investigation.

It is imperative for us as a community to take responsibilty of crime prevention in our neighborhoods. After all its us being the targets and affected. Its our lifes on the line.

This then also serves as an invitation to the entire community to join the Concerned Citizens Family. Sign up on our home page, turn your smartphone into a two-way radio (Walkie Talkie) – it may save your life – and fight back against crime. We refuse to be victims – you should too.

We need more eyes and ears. Ensure your neighbours are all on Zello.

The key to fight crime is immediate, accurate and comprehensive information. We can only do so with more eyes and ears. We also have to get more feet on the ground during the day. They hitting us from 08:00 to 16:00 now. Stay safe!

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