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Heuweloord 3 months

Not so long ago Heuweloord residents were the target of very serious crime. (See a few examples hereunder).

Community members were killed, maimed and seriously assaulted.

Centurion Concerned Citizens then started to organise the community against crime. We got patrollers on the road and we managed  to reduce serious crime to zero. Solely by starting to patrol our streets we created a visibility and presence in our community and that discouraged criminals to target Heuweloord. The risk of being seen and possibly caught became too high for the criminal.

Not a single patroller were injured or threatened during the 12 to 18 months we actively started to patrol our streets. That included woman who also patrolled the streets and respondent to incidents where community members were in need.

The Police could not believe what we did as a community to efficiently and effectively combat and reduce crime – to no-one else but our own benefit. We could relax and we felt safe again in our own neighborhood.

What also assisted us a lot was the presence of Monitornet and Copwatch, who responded to incidents with our patrollers and reaction team in record times. Together we made a strong winning team against crime.

Most crime in our neighborhood is opportunistic of nature. Criminals will scout and look for potential victims. They look for soft and easy targets, like people leaving gates open, houses without alarm systems, gates that can be lifted, poorly lit areas, etc.

What they also do is to look when there is low activity and movement in the streets. Therefore the times for burglaries have moved to between 8 and 12 during the day. They are now avoiding times when patrollers are on the road.

There is currently a sharp increase of burglaries in Heuweloord. If one studies the map hereunder, it is random. They scout, hit and run. Your house could therefore be next. They may find you at home, and it usually then turns into a houserobbery, maybe a rape or even a murder.

We need to stop this and prevent the scouts from scouting. We can only do that by creating a visibility and presence in our streets at times when these scouts are around.

Here is what we want to do:

  1. We want patrollers on the road in the mornings too – for one hour per day.
  2. Each and every community member available may and should participate.
  3. Copwatch and Monitornet have agreed to provide tactical support and response for these patrollers specifically.
  4. We will inform you of the place we are going to get together.
  5. Copwatch and Monitornet will be present.
  6. We will brief you exactly what is required of you.
  7. If you follow our instructions, you will be as safe as you would have been driving to the shop to buy a bread.
  8. All we want you to do is to drive around with a partner (your neighbor, your friend, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your grandma, etc) in a structured way and look out for suspicious activity, persons or vehicles.
  9. If we create visibility in the streets, criminals and scouts will see us. Our presence will immediately create a risk for them to commit a crime.
  10. They will move to areas and streets where there are no activity and patrols. (Sorry guys, if you not patrolling, they will go to your streets…)
  11. Whenever you see any suspicious activity or vehicles, you will call in (or phone in) and Copwatch and Monitornet will give you backup and come and investigate.
  12. The more we are, the more effective it will be.

So here is what to do:

  1. If you are not on Zello, join Zello.
  2. Join the Centurion Concerned Citizens Channel 1
  3. Join the Heuweloord Concerned Citizens Channel
  4. Attend the patrol meeting.
  5. At the meeting you will be added to the Patrol and Reaction channel.

We also have a 24-hour SOS Whatsapp number. Add 0762016204 to your contacts and save it as SOS CCC. Please do not test this number and do not send hoax messages. If you have an emergency, Whatsapp the word SOS to this contact. You can also do a “Share Location” to ensure we find you and assist you as soon as possible.


Some Media Reports…

Heuweloord-man murdered

A man was shot dead in front of his 24-year-old son in his house in Heuweloord, Centurion, on Friday evening.

According to police spokesperson, Ann Poortman,  Panesh Paparau tried to close the security gate from inside his house when he was confronted by four armed men and shot in the chest.

His son,  Ajay Paparau (24), was sitting outside the house with friends at 23:00 when the suspects approached them after they jumped over a wall.

“The robbers pretended to be police officers, yet they were all dressed in casual clothes. They then ordered the men at gunpoint to lie down before they approached the house and shot Panesh,” Poortman told Rekord.

Ajay and his friends were then ordered into the house where the suspects took an Ipad, Iphone, two laptops, four cellphones, jewellery, clothes and R 2 000 in cash. The estimated worth of the stolen goods is R 82 000.

Robbers shoot and injure home owner

Three armed men are at large after they broke into a house in Heuweloord on Saturday, shooting and injuring the owner, police spokesperson Captain Reed Steynberg said.

Steynberg said the incident happened at around 19:30 on Koorsboom Avenue.

“It is alleged that the owner of the house parked his car in the garage and waited for his wife to come home as she had the house keys. While he was waiting in his car, he heard the house door bang,” she said.

Upon investigating the noise, the home owner came across two men carrying his television.

“When they saw him, they dropped the TV and a fight ensued between the men and the home owner. The robbers fired shots at him, injuring his right arm and his left ear,” Steynberg said.

Suspects wanted for house robbery

The police were on Wednesday still searching for four suspects who are wanted for armed and house robbery in Heuweloord.

According to the police, two people were robbed in separate incidents, one on Sunday morning and another on Tuesday.

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Ilze Jones said in the first incident two males entered the Heuweloord community centre at around 01:40 and pointed a firearm at the victim before taking his laptop, car keys and wallet. Jones confirmed that a case of armed robbery with a firearm has been opened for investigation. She further said it is not known what the victim was doing at the community centre at that time of the morning.

In the second incident, two men entered a house on Apiesdoring Street at around 2:00 and found a 23-year-old man sleeping in his bedroom and tied him up with shoelaces. According to Captain Bonginkosi Msimango, the men were armed with a knife and a crowbar and searched the house while the victim was left in the lounge. Msimango further said the suspects then fled with a television, DVD player, jewellery, computer, kettle, cell phone and clothes.


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