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Who can help?

Have you been a victim of corruption? Are you aware of corrupt activity? Then let us know – click on Report a Crime. We’ve also listed official bodies and NGOs that may be able to help you if you have experienced, or know of any corrupt activity.

Help with a non-criminal case of corruption: the Public Protector

The Public Protector is an independent institution established under the Constitution (Section 182). It receives reports from any person who has a complaint of corruption that involves government departments, agencies or officials who violate their ethical codes or codes of conduct, as long as it is not a criminal case. (Criminal cases are received by the SAPS, see below.)

Reports can be made in person (the Public Protector has offices in every province) or through the website.

To report corrupt activity to the Public Protector, complete the online form or contact the Public Protector;

Tel: 0800 11 20 40 (toll free)


Fax: 012 362 3473


Help with a criminal case of corruption: Report it to the South African Police Service (SAPS)

Cases of corruption that involve criminal offences can be reported at any police station. (Non-criminal cases can be reported to the Public Protector, see above.)

The SAPS has two specialist units that may investigate corruption cases – the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI, The Hawks) and the Commercial Branch. After a case is opened at a police station, it may be referred to one of these specialist units for further investigation.

The local police station where the case is reported must communicate the progress of the case to the person who reported the case.

You can also report any crime anonymously to Crime Stop, a toll-free hotline run by the SAPS. The number is 08600 10111.


Help with corruption involving any government employee: the Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission is an independent institution established under Chapter 9 of the Constitution that oversees the public service. One of the functions is to receive complaints from individuals regarding maladministration, dishonesty, improper behavior or financial misconduct by government employees. The commission hosts the National Anti-Corruption Hotline for the Public Service, which receives and compiles reports on corruption, and it refers the reports to investigators. Contact the National Anti-Corruption Hotline for the Public Service on (toll-free) 0800 701701.


Help with a problem involving a magistrate: the Magistrates’ Commission

The Magistrates’ Commission is an independent institution established by statute – the Magistrates Act of 1993 – which can investigate complaints of corruption involving magistrates. It is based in Pretoria. Contact the chairperson of the Magistrates Commission at PO Box 9096, Pretoria, 0001, or on 012 325 3951, or by email to


Help with a problem involving a judge: the Judicial Service Commission

The Judicial Service Commission is an institution established by the Constitution (Section 178). If it receives a complaint of corruption involving a judge, it can create a Judicial Conduct Committee to investigate. It is based in Bloemfontein. Contact the chairperson of the Judicial Service Commission at Private Bag X258, Bloemfontein, 9300, or on 051 447 2769.


Help with a problem involving a police official: the Independent Police Investigations Directorate (IPID)

The IPID is an independent institution established under the Constitution which investigates any person’s complaints against the police: both the SAPS and the metro police services. It investigates cases of police misconduct, including police corruption. The IPID investigates the following kinds of cases:

  • The involvement of any SAPS members in criminal activities such as corruption, assault, theft, robbery, rape or any other criminal offences.
  • The involvement of any metro police member in criminal activities such as corruption, assault, theft, robbery, rape or any other criminal offences.
  • Police conduct or behaviour that is prohibited in terms of the SAPS Standing Orders or Police Regulations, such as neglect of duties or failure to comply with the Police Code of Conduct.

A complaint about police corruption may be lodged in person at an IPID office in any province, or by telephone, letter or email. The complaint must be written down on the form available online in MSWord here or in PDF format here.

Provincial IPID offices


3rd Floor, The Marine Building, 22 Dorothy Street Nyembe Street (Gardiner Street)

Tel: 031 310 1300

Fax: 031 305 8214



20th Floor, Marble Towers Building, 208-212 Jeppe Street

Tel: 011 220 1500

Fax: 011 333 2705



2nd Floor Femnic Building Building, 66 A Market Street

Tel: 015 291 9800

Fax: 015 295 3409



1st Floor, Nedbank Centre, 48 Brown Street

Tel: 013 754 1000

Fax: 013 752 2602


Eastern Cape

Mezzanine Floor,  Permanent Building, 4244 Oxford Street
Cnr. Oxford & Terminus Streets
East London

Tel: 043 7066500

Fax: 043 7066526


Free State

Ground Floor Standard Bank Building, 15 CNR Andrew & Westburger Streets Bloemfontein

Tel: 051 406 6800

Fax: 051 430 8852


Northern Cape

39 George Street

Tel: 053 807 5100

Fax: 053 832 5615


North West

1st Floor,  Molopo Shopping Centre,

No.1 Station Road

Tel: 018 397 2500

Fax: 018 381 1495


Western Cape

1st Floor Fintrust Building, Corner Petrusa & Mazzur Street

Cape Town

Tel: 021 941 4800

Fax: 021 949 3196

Also, if you are unhappy with SAPS Service you can call the SAPS Service Line 0860 13 0860 (toll free)


Help with a problem involving a prosecutor:  the NPA Hotline

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is an institution established by the Constitution (Section 179). It employs and manages all prosecutors. It has a telephone hotline where any person can report corrupt activities and unethical behaviour by members of the NPA staff. The NPA hotline is open 24 hours a day, is administered by an independent organisation, and will accept anonymous calls.

Contact the NPA Hotline on 0800212580, or send by post to the National Prosecuting Authority, Private Bag X752, Pretoria, 0001.


Help with a problem involving the Dept of Environmental Affairs

Environmental Affairs Tip off line

0800116110 (toll free)
This is a tip-off telephone  line for reports of dishonesty in the Department of Environmental Affairs.


Help with a problem involving the Dept of Home Affairs

This is the ministerial telephone hotline for complaints 0800204476 (toll free). You can also send an email to


Help with a problem involving a Traffic Officer: phone the National Traffic Call Centre

You can use this telephone number 0861400800 (not toll free) to report fraud and corruption regarding traffic, as well as to report bad drivers, unsafe vehicles and reckless and negligent driver behaviour.


Help with any problem of service delivery: Call the Presidential Hotline

Presidential hotline 17737 (1 PRES)
This telephone number can be called when attempts to get help from a government department, province, municipality or state agency have failed. You can also send an email to


Help with a problem involving Social Grants

You can report any fraud relating to social grants by phoning 0800 601011 (toll free)


Help with a problem involving the South African Revenue Service

This is the SARS fraud and anti-corruption hotline: 0800 002870 (toll free)


Help with a problem with a municipality

You can approach your ward councillor, ward committee or the Mayor’s Office. Here is a link to a useful manual that can help you deal with your municipality


Help with a problem between you and your employer; or a problem with your union or with a Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) official


You can approach the CCMA an official body for dispute resolution, established in terms of the Labour Relations Act, 66 of 1995 (LRA).

CCMA National Office

28 Harrison Street

Johannesburg 2001

Post:             Private Bag X94, Marshalltown 2107

Call centre: 086 116 1616

Tel:               (011) 377 6650/6600

Fax:             (011) 834 7351



Help with a problem in a prison: The Independent Inspecting Judge for Prisons

The Inspecting Judge monitors the treatment of prisoners and the conditions in prisons.

Tel:         (021) 412 1012/3/4


Help with a problem involving a land claim: Land Claims Commissioner

Tel:               (012) 312 9244/9146

Fax:              (012) 321 0428


Contact Person: Chief Land Claims Commissioner: Mr Andrew Mphela

Post:             Private Bag X833, Pretoria 0001


Help with a problem involving a shop or company where you have bought something or where you have an account: The National Consumer Commission

The Consumer Commission receives consumers’ (customers) complaints about shops, businesses or companies.

Tel:         (011) 355 8000
080 000 7081
(012) 940 4500
086 026 6786


Help with a problem between you and your medical aid: the Council of Medical Schemes

The Council receives complaints about medical schemes’ services and products.

Tel:               (012) 431 0500 or 086 112 3267




Help with a problem between you and your pension fund: The Pension Funds Adjudicator

The Pension Fund Adjudicator receives complaints regarding private sector pension funds, provident funds and retirement annuities.

Tel:               087 942 2700

Fax:              086 693 7472



If you are a Government Pensioner, contact the Government Employees Pension Fund who deal with complaints regarding government employee pension funds.

Toll Free Number 0800 117 669

Post:             Complaint letter addressed to Office of the CEO, Government Employees Pension Fund, Private Bag X63, Pretoria 0001


A problem between you and your bank: The Ombudsman for Banking Services 

This Ombudsman receives complaints about banking services and products.

Tel:               (011) 838 0035/ 838 0038/ 838 0039

Fax:              (011) 838 0043

Share call:   086 080 0900




A problem between you and a short-term insurance company: The Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance

This Ombudsman receives and considers complaints about short-term insurance companies (short term insurance includes car insurance, household insurance, cell phone insurance, travel insurance and disability insurance.)

Tel:               (011) 726-8900

Fax:              (011) 726-5501




A problem between you and a long-term insurance company: The Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance

Receives and considers complaints about long-term insurance companies (long term insurance includes life insurance).

Tel:               (021) 657 5000

Fax:              (021) 674 0951

Share call:   0860 103 236




A problem at a school

The National Department of education has a telephone hotline 0800 202 933 (toll free). Also, click here to find a useful handbook on school governance in South Africa.


A problem involving housing

The Department of Human Settlements has a fraud hotline 0800 204401 (toll free)


A problem with the Department of Health or a hospital or clinic

Limpopo – 0800919191 (toll free)

Mpumalanga – 0800204098 (toll free)

Easter Cape – 0800032364 (toll free)

Free State – 0800535554 (toll free)

Gauteng – 0800 203 886 (toll free)


A problem that a lawyer could help you deal with

There are three NGOs that provide legal aid:

The Legal Resources Centre (LRC)

LRC is an independent NGO which provides legal services to poor and vulnerable individuals and communities.

Cape Town

Tel:               (021) 481 3000


Tel:               (031) 301 7572


Tel:               (046) 622 9230


Tel:               (011) 836 9831

Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR)

An NGO that provides free legal services to vulnerable, marginalised and indigent individuals and communities, both non-national and South African, who are victims of unlawful infringements of their constitutional rights.

Durban Office and Law Clinic – The Durban LHR Office focusses  on child rights, HIV/Aids, and on problems faced by refugees and migrants.

Tel:               (031) 301 0531

Johannesburg Office and Law Clinic – The focus of LHR Johannesburg is on problems faced by refugees and migrants.

Tel:               (011) 339 1960

Musina Office – The focus of LHR Musina is on problems faced by refugees and migrants.

Tel:               076 216 1120

Pretoria Office and Law Clinic – The focus of the Pretoria LHR Office is on problems faced by refugees and migrants.

Tel:               (012) 320 2943


An independent NGO that works with the private legal profession to provide free legal services to the poor.


Tel:               (011) 339 6080

Fax:              (011) 339 6077



Tel:               (031) 301 6178

Fax:              (031) 301 6941


Apart from these NGO’s, many university law faculties have law clinics which offer legal assistance to people who cannot afford legal fees. However, they have limits on which kinds of cases they take on, and limits on how many cases they can take on

University Law Clinics

We advise you to phone the nearest law clinic to find out whether they can help you with your problem.

Bloemfontein – University of the Free State Law Clinic

Tel:               (051) 448 5940

Cape Town – University of Cape Town Law Clinic

Room 4, 39 Wilfred and Jules Kramer Law Building, Middle Campus, University of Cape Town, 1 Stanley Road, Rondebosch

Tel:               (021) 650 3551


Grahamstown – Rhodes University Law Clinic

41 New Street, Grahamstown

Tel:               (046) 622 9301

Johannesburg – Wits University Law Clinic

West Campus, Wits University, Braamfontein

Tel:               (011) 717 8562

Mmabatho – University of North West Law Clinic

Mafikeng Campus, cnr Albert Luthuli and University drives, Mmabatho

Tel:               (018) 389 2314

Pretoria – Unisa Law Clinic

Sunnyside, Pretoria

Tel:               (012) 429 4854 – you must call to make an appointment

Pretoria – University of Pretoria Law Clinic

Tel:               (012) 420 4155 – you must call to make an appointment

Stellenbosch – University of Stellenbosch Law Clinic

Old Luckhof School, 44 Banhoek Road, Stellenbosch

Tel:               (021) 808 3432

Thohoyandou – University of Venda Law Clinic

West Wing, Law School Building, University of Venda Main Campus, Thohoyandou

Tel:               (015) 962 8637


A problem infringing a human right, and which cannot be referred to another organisation listed above

The Black Sash

The Black Sash is an independent NGO which has advice offices and paralegal services.

Call centre: 072 663 3739


Regional offices

Cape Town

24 Barrack Street, Cape Town 8001

Tel:               (021) 461 5607


20 Diakonia Avenue (formerly St Andrew’s Street), Durban 4001

Tel:               (031) 301 9215

Gauteng (Johannesburg)

25 Anderson Street, Johannesburg 2001

Tel:               (011) 834 8361


48 Bathurst Street, Grahamstown 6140

Tel:               (046) 622 8091


9 Pitt Street, Knysna 6570

Tel:               (044) 382 4458


Gallway House, Gallway Lane, Pietermaritzburg 3200

Tel:               (033) 342 6368

Port Elizabeth

384 Dorsham House, cnr Elizabeth and Govan Mbeki Streets, Port Elizabeth


Tel:         (041) 487 3288

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